WHY KEEP IT? If you don't wear it, sell it.

Selling Services:

Bag Borrow or Steal offers two options: Consignment or Direct Sell
*Please note that consignment typically results in higher payouts than direct selling.


Earn 70% of the sale and get paid faster. We pay weekly, while other e-consignors pay only once a month. After your item sells you'll receive a payment via PayPal or check. Consignment terms are available here.

Direct Sell:

After your item has had its final inspection, you'll receive a payment via PayPal, check or Bag Borrow or Steal store credit. Note: You can earn 10% more by choosing to be paid with store credit.

How it Works:

Take a few pictures of your items, and fill out our easy submission form. Helpful pictures include date or serial codes, damage or imperfections, original receipts and packaging materials.

We welcome gently used authentic luxury handbags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and small accessories. Please review the designer directory to view which designers we accept.

Shipping is free using our pre-paid shipping label. We will email you throughout the process with updates.


We take authentication very seriously and deal exclusively with 100% authentic styles. We will not accept anything that is not authentic.

Customer Service:

Still have questions, please review our FAQs or call (866)-922-2267 and a customer care specialist will assist you.
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