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"Perhaps you're brand-obsessed but can't imagine forking over a mortgage payment for a handbag. But you can tote around a high-end designer bag for a week, month or as long as you like, thanks to And if you need some bling to go with that bag, Bag Borrow or Steal loans fab jewelry, as well."
"The notion of spending thousands of dollars on a handbag might be of little consequence to, say, a Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump, but most of us would have to take out a loan to afford such luxuries. That is, until now. Now, we can rent a bag. A Seattle-based Web site,, lets its members "borrow"—for a fee—a handbag of their choice by the week or by the month."
"Luxury purse addicts should know about Bag, Borrow or Steal (, where the most coveted bags from Chloe, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and many others can be rented. Why not rent one for that special occasion or wedding parties weekend?"
"The feel of rich, buttery leather. The glittery beads that catch your eye. The studded designs that will just look perfect with those shoes. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but handbags are surely her first love. Bag, Borrow or Steal charges anywhere from $13 a week to $300 a month to rent out its bags, which include everything from Louis Vuitton to the classic, quilted Chanel."
"Time-starved fashionistas will swoon over this service. Instead of hunting down the next "it" bag, she can simply borrow it for a while until she trades it in for a newer, shinier model."
"The devil may wear Prada, but she can also borrow it—and exchange it—through Bag Borrow or Steal, an online company that prides itself on being a "Netflix of purses."
"...Bag Borrow or Steal began offering members jewelry—including the Alcantara earrings Nicole Cross has been wearing...In a culture accustomed to watching celebrities show off borrowed bling at the Oscars, a chance to share in that experience can feel priceless."
"The flashy accessories that accompany top designs on fashion runways are well beyond the budgets of many a fashionista, but even the most cash-strapped consumer has one way to copy the looks—rent it. Companies such as Bag Borrow or Steal...are mining a rich market by renting high-end handbags, which may retail for more than $2,000 apiece, to fashion fans."
"...Borrowing finery, once available primarily to celebrities, corporate bigwigs and society swans, is accessible to anyone willing to pay... Consumers may find themselves seeking out online renters like Bag Borrow or Steal ( of Seattle, which offers designer handbags and jewelry for lease."

"A NetFlix for Bags"

" For handbag addicts, it's the ultimate fantasy: an endless stream of pristine designer bags delivered straight to one's doorstep."

"Seattle-based Bag Borrow or Steal allows fashionistas to cycle through new handbags as often as they want. For a monthly fee of up to $285 (plus insurance and postage), you get unlimited access to the latest bags from over 100 high-end brands, including Marc Jacobs and Chloe. Buying to own is so last century."
"Call it luxury for the masses. A Seattle company called Bag Borrow or Steal is taking designer handbags from fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci- accessories that are typically too expensive for the average consumer- and renting them out online at a fraction of their retail price."
"In the age of new luxury where some people would forgo a month's rent for the new Chloe Paddington bag...Companies such as Bag Borrow or Steal...are catering to fashionistas who lack the disposable income to satisfy their cravings for Coach satchels and Chanel clutches, but for whom carrying a cheaper knockoff is blasphemy."
"Do you too want to look like Uma Thurman, the new face for Louis Vuitton, but just can't afford those accessories? No problem. Now that the middle class is scrambling for brand-name luxuries, borrowing has become the next-best way to look rich."
"Said Tyra to her guest: Bag Borrow or Steal will "help you still enjoy your bags, but not where you're just sipping on noodles all day."
"Another option if you're a purse fanatic is an online "borrowing" service called Bag, Borrow or Steal... borrow and return purses with labels such as JLo and Betsey Johnson... Prada and Marc Jacobs."
"And it's the hot designers and trends of the day that Bag, Borrow or Steal offers, from Louis Vuitton, to Coach, to Chanel, to Versace. From clutch bags to oversized purses, Bag, Borrow or Steal has the style for you."
Money Magazine - Top 75 Web Sites
"Do you tire of your handbag often? Here you can borrow one and then swap it for another anytime."
"Perhaps the most creative twist we've come across, Bag Borrow or Steal, in Hollywood, Florida, lets its fashion-mad members borrow designer purses by mail."
"If every now and then you get a yen to carry a bag that reeks of style and sells for a small fortune, good news."
"At, you can get a pricey purse on loan for a fraction of its cost"
"Either way you'll thank them for doing their part to make the fashion world a safer place ...One handbag at a time."
"Lots of "It" girls get their "It" bags for free. For the non boldface names, there's a new source -"
"It's every bag lady's dream: access to the latest it-bags"
"With Bag, Borrow or Steal, it's now possible to borrow the latest handbags - use them, parade them around town, inspire compliments from strangers, and then return them via UPS, in exchange for a new one."
"It's nice to use expensive merchandise a couple of times and then give it back rather than paying big bucks for it."
"With, purse junkies get the flash without shelling out the cash."
"Through the site, which launched in June, subscribers pay a monthly fee to borrow a big-name purse and keep it as long as they like"
"The best part? "Steal" a bag you just can't bear to part with for a lovely discounted price."
"If you don't have the cash for your dream bag, this designer emporium will let you borrow a purse for a day, a month, even a year!"
"Just think, the money you'll save on one expensive purse frees up your budget for a great outfit to go with your ever-changing handbags. But don't worry. It can be our little secret."
"Recently It bags have been merely a fantasy for most women due to their "wait-list-only" status. Good news: rents them out."
"If you insist on the real thing but the sticker shock is too much to bear, you can try a new service at"
"According to style expert Katelin Burton, customers who lease luxury can enjoy high fashion without high prices."
"Six designer bags in a month, the total amount for one membership coming to $129.80, allowing the fashion to be flaunted for a fraction of the price."
"There's nothing more satisfying than walking down the street and getting envious stares and whispers about your arm candy."
"The Hollywood-based internet company, Bag Borrow or Steal, is bringing women one click closer to their favorite bags on this unique and innovative website."
"So, your co-worker is sporting a new designer handbag. Again. Don't assume she got a raise. Chances are, she's discovered Bag Borrow or Steal ("
"For those who don't want to look tacky with an imitation, and can't afford the genuine item, there's now a website for aspiring owners to borrow the object of their desire."
"For a monthly fee, customers can borrow any bag in stock for a fraction of the figure on that bag's price tag."